Token Johnson ft. Swang

Back with the Johnson at Triple Colossal. This time featuring the amazing vocal and keyboard stylings of Swang!


James Calleo CD Release

Wow~! What a pleasure it was to play in this gutted gothic church. Talk about natural reverb! James was singing his heart out, Swinny was laying the groove and Ty wailing on the guitar for this Americana extravaganza. Plus I got to really break in the new GMS drums….HoooWee that 24 kicks!! I’m totally honored to have taken part in this special musical opportunity. Rock on, James! …and buy the CD!



GMS Super Vintage

Thanks so much to Rob and Tony at GMS Drums for hooking me up with this beautiful kit. This has to be one of the last sets built at the factory in Farmingdale, NY. 24, 16, 14, 13, 12 & 6.5×14 Snare. Flat black with a hint of ginger sparkle. So psyched to get these out on stage!IMG_20170206_212039

Token Johnson Session

Back in Triple Colossal Studios with Dylan and Antar and the gang to record a funky beat titled “Impeach the President.” No further explanation necessary.